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Spring flavours

With Gartelmann Wines

Saturday 11th September, 2021

“Degustation to your Door” 

Time to cook like a PRO! 

As usual I will be cooking the dishes live and having a laugh with you guys!  Just follow me on my facebook page “The Deck Cafe Lovedale”.
Have fun and I truly hope that my idea of “Degustation to your Door” brings smiles to your household in these trying times. 

Below are the ingredients and method for your 6-course degustation. 

Bon appetit, cheers Matt Dillow

Before you start you will need a few pantry items: Vegetable oil and butter for frying, olive oil, salt, pepper and white vinegar.

Ingredients are based on 2 people:Menu 

1st Course

FB Live; 5pm

Duck liver parfait, cornichons, sour dough

Gartelmann NV Blanc de Blanc

1 jar duck liver parfait/1 container cornichons/1 piece sour dough

Method; This is an easy one, toast, char grill or oven bake your bread and serve with a generous amount of parfait and cornichons on top. I also like cracked pepper and olive drizzled on top.

2nd Course

FB Live; 5pm

Orange and dill salmon gravlax, celeriac remoulade, baby beets

Gartelmann 2021 Semillon 

1 container salmon gravlax/1 container celeriac remoulade/1 container baby beets

Method; Lay out salmon flat on the plate. Add the remoulade on top in the middle and then the baby beets and the dressing around.

3rd Course

FB Live; 6pm

Smoked paprika braised octopus and chorizo hot pot, chimichurri, mango puree

Gartelmann 2021 Verdelho 

1 container octopus/1 container chorizo/1 container chimichurri/1 container mango puree

Method; Get a medium pan to a medium to high heat. Add a knob of butter and the chorizo and saute for 3 minutes then add the octopus and saute for a further 3 minutes then add a splash of white wine stir through for 2 more minutes, season and serve. 

To serve; Spread mango puree on base of plate then the octopus on top then pour the chimichurri on top. 

4th Course

FB Live; 7pm

Asian style pork belly, green paw paw salsa, green tea noodle salad, ponzu dressing

Gartelmann 2021 Rose 

1 container pork belly/1 container Asian basting marinate/1 container green paw paw/1 packet green tea noodles/1 container ponzu  


Pork belly; Get a small pan to a medium to high heat, once hot add the pork belly and get each side golden brown then add the Asian basting marinate and reduce by half. 

Green tea noodles; In a small bowl add the green tea noodles, green paw paw and the ponzu and Mix well.

To serve; Place the pork belly and the sauce on the plate then the noodle salad next to the pork belly.

5th Course

FB Live; 8pm

Lamb backstrap filled with Fetta, macadamia nuts and potato fondant

Gartelmann Reserve 2016 Diedrich Shiraz

1 container lamb backstrap/1 container potato fondant/1 container baby English spinach


Potato; Place potato on a small flat tray and into a pre-heated 180 degree oven for 10-12 minutes. Use the same tray for the lamb. 

Lamb; Get a small pan to a medium to high heat and add a splash of oil then the lamb. Brown both sides then place on a flat tray with baking paper and finish in a pre-heated 180 degree oven for 4-5 minutes. 

Spinach; Using the same pan as the lamb add a small knob of butter, the baby English spinach and a little sea salt and saute until wilted.

To serve; Place potato on plate and add the sauteed spinach next to the potato. Slice the lamb in half first then cut the two pieces on an angle and place on the lamb on top of the potato. 


FB Live; 9pm

Raspberry and passionfruit cheese cake, raspberry coulis, meringue kisses 

French chocolate tart, honeycomb, vanilla mascarpone

Gracies Ambrosia (375ml)

1 container cheese cake/1 container coulis/1 container meringue kisses/1 container berry dust

1 container French tart/1 container honey comb/1 container mascarpone


To serve; Decorate your plate with raspberry coulis. Take plastic off cheesecake and place on plate then add the meringue kisses and sprinkle the berry dust over the plate. 

Chocolate tart 

To serve; Warm chocolate sauce in microwave for 30 seconds and splash over the plate, add the chocolate tart in the centre of the plate then add the mascarpone on top of the tart then top with honeycomb.