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Your Degustation Dinner Delivered!

Time to cook like a PRO!

Saturday 17th October, 2020

Thank you very much for your purchase of our Degustation Dinner, this is our 14th Degustation to your Door since March 2020.

My staff and I feel so happy we could give something like this to the community during Covid-19 not just to the Hunter Valley Region but all over Central Coast, Port Stephens and even Sydney with so people picking up there Degustation boxes and taking them to places as far as Canberra and Port Macquarie.

To those who have done these Degustations to your Door before, ‘welcome back!’ and to the people jumping on for the first time, ‘Welcome aboard’ to a fun filled night whether you are dining with a group of friends or having an intimate experience! 

  Below is the method on how to put together your 5-course degustation. 

On my face book page “The Deck Cafe Lovedale” As usual I will be cooking the dishes live and having a laugh with you guys on Face Book from 5pm 

Saturday the 17th October!

Have fun and I truly hope that my idea of “Degustation to your Door” 

brings some smiles in your household. 

Bon appetit, Matt Dillow

OH and last thing there is ONE more Degustation on Saturday the 19th December so get your orders in for the Christmas Treats Degustation! 

Before you start you will need a few pantry items: butter, olive oil, salt and pepper. 

Menu and methods below are based on serves for two people.

1st Course

FB LIVE; 5pm

Smoked duck, warm beetroot, walnut and English spinach 

Wine Match

Wine match; Rose

1 container of smoked duck

1 container of marinated diced beetroot

1 container of walnuts

1 container of Baby English spinach


This is an easy one to prepare. The duck breast is to be served cold so just take it out of the fridge 20 minutes before you need it. Slice it thinly and lay out on a plate. The beetroot has a thyme, apple balsamic and olive oil dressing and all you need to do it warm it up in a small pan on a medium heat for 1 minute then add walnuts (Crush them a little first) and mix through for another 1 minute then add all the spinach and take off the heat mixing through it will wilt quickly. Serve the warm beetroot, spinach and walnut on top of the duck breast pouring the dressing on also, a yummy tasty start! 

2nd Course

FB LIVE; 6pm

Hapuka (Fresh from New Zealand) with saffron beurre blanc, crisp kipfler and semi dried tomato, caper salsa

Wine Match

Wine match; Pebble Brief Chardonnay

1 container of 2 pieces of Hapuka

1 container of saffron beurre blanc

1 container of semi dried tomato and caper salsa

2 dirty kipfler potatoes


Kipfler potatoes; Wash the dirty kipfler potatoes then slice them lengthways and place in a small bowl then season with salt and pepper and add a splash of olive oil. Place on a flat oven tray and bake on 190 degress for 13-15 minutes or until golden brown with a bit of crunch.

Hapuka; Get a small pan onto a medium to high heat with a small square piece of baking paper add a splash of olive oil and a 30 gram knob of butter. Salt the hapuka and cook…. I cant give you accurate cooking times as everyone has different cuts of fish so basically brown each side then if its a thick piece place in it the oven to finish. It is OKAY to have the fish a little under cooked!! 

Saffron beurre blanc; Heat beurre blanc in sauce pan whisking constantly till hot then add a small knob of cold butter (20 grams) whisk consistently and fast until butter is melted then serve. 

To Serve; Pour the beurre blanc on a plate, then place the fish in the middle, add the salsa on top of the fish and then the kiflers on top of the salsa. Enjoy these great combination of flavours.  

3rd Course

FB LIVE; 7pm

Moroccan roasted quail with Israeli cous cous and pomegranate dressing

Wine Match

Wine match; Catherine de’M Sang/Merlot

1 whole quail

1 container of Moroccan marinade (Only use 1/2) 

1 container Israeli cous cous

I small container of pomegranate dressing


Quail; Take quail out of package and pat dry with paper towel. Cut off the neck and tuck the legs in….best way to explain this is just to watch my live video. Pour 1/2 the marinade over the quail and place on an oven tray with baking paper on the bottom for 15 minutes in a pre-heated 190 oven. Once cooked place on a chopping board and cut in half. 

Israeli cous cous; In a small pot warm the cous cous on medium heat for 3 minutes.

To Serve; On a flat plate place the cous cous then the quail and then the dressing on top and around.

4th Course

FB LIVE; 8pm

Lamb cutlet with smoked eggplant, quinoa crusted zucchini flower and garlic crisps

Wine Match

Reserve Shiraz

1 container with 2 lamb cutlets

1 container smoked eggplant

1 container with 2 quinoa crusted zucchini flowers

1 clove of garlic


Pre-heat oven to 190 degrees.

Lamb cutlet; Well this is pretty straight forward, you can cook your lamb in a pan, bbq or griddle plate/pan. Cook to your liking but I suggest medium and remember like all meats to let it rest before placing on the plate. Before you cook it though you might wish to trim it up… I cut all these cutlets off large lamb racks to give you lovely large lamb cutlets but left the decision of how much fat you like on the lamb up to you. 

Smoked eggplant; Heat eggplant up in a small pot or pan till warm. 

Quinoa crusted zucchini flower; Place flowers onto a flat baking tray with baking paper and drizzle with oil oil and place into a pre heated oven at 190 degress for 8 minutes. 

Garlic crisps; Slice the garlic as thin as possible. Place a small pan on a a little over medium heat with 60 mls of olive oil. Get the oil hot then add the sliced garlic and cook till golden brown this should only take around 2ish minutes. Once golden brown tip into a strainer catching the hot oil in a metal bowl which you can use another time.  

To Serve; Place the smoked eggplant on the middle of a flat plate then add the lamb cutlet and the zucchini flower on top of the lamb and sprinkle the garlic crisps. 

5th Course

FB LIVE; 9pm

Sabor Desserts

Sabor’s Snicker’s bomb


See Youtube; 


Wine Match

Wine match; Vincento fortified Semillon