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The Deck Cafe Lovedale


         Gartelmann Wines                                                          


Janette Moscato 40/12

Blanc de Blancs 46/13

Sparkling Shiraz 46/13

White Wine

Jessica Verdelho 38/12

Stephanie Pinot Gris 46/13.5

Benjamin Semillon 44/13

Sarah Elizabeth Chardonnay 46/13.5

               Lisa Reserve Chardonnay 60                  

 Red Wine

Veronica Rose 38/12

Joey Merlot 46/13.5

Jonathan Cabernet Sauvignon 48/15

Georg Mudgee Petit Verdot 48

Phillip Alexander Cabernet/Merlot 46/14

Wilhelm Shiraz  46/14

Jesse Mudgee Old Vines Shiraz 48

                Diedrich Reserve Shiraz 62                  


Dessert Wine

Gracie’s Ambrosia Semillon Verdelho 35(375ml) 12(100ml)

Jorg’s VP 45(375ml) 14(100ml)

Ronnie’s Liqueur Muscat  45(375)14(100ml)

Beers and Ciders

Hahn Premium Light 7

Ironbark Hill - Mid Strength 8

Sydney Brewery Paddo Pale 9

Sydney Brewery Lager/Sydney Brewery East Coast IPA 9

Sydney Brewery Summer Ale 9

Ciders: Sydney Brewery Apple Cider 9

Cocktails 16

Long Island Iced Tea - Vodka, Gin, Bacardi, Cointreau and Coke   

Bloody Mary - Vodka, Tomato Juice, Worcestershire and Tabasco

Cosmo - Vodka, Cointreau, Cranberry Juice, Lime Juice

Mimosa - Sparkling blanc de blancs, OJ 10      

Spirits 10

Bacardi, Baileys, Bundy Rum, Gordons Gin, Jack Daniels,

Smirnoff Vodka, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Jim Beam, Johnnie Walker,

Southern Comfort 

Non Alcoholic Beverage List

     Vittoria Coffee             

Cappuccino, Flat White, Mocha, Latte, Long Black       Cup/Mug 5.50/6.50   

Espresso, Macchiato and Piccolo  4/5 Dbl Shot   

Chai Latte 5.50/6.50

Hot Chocolate 5.50/6.50

Iced Chocolate / Coffee 9        

Irish or Baileys Coffee 16

Affogato 14

Syrups - caramel, vanilla, hazelnut 1

Extra espresso shot 1

Soy, Almond or Lactose free  .50

Decaf .50

Take Away  5/6

Handcrafted  Teas 5.50 - pot

English Breakfast Tea

Ceylon Earl Grey

Ceylon Green Tea

Chai Tea

Caffeine Free Teas


Camomile Lemon

Lemon and Ginger

Shakes, Smoothies

Milkshakes - Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Caramel 8

Banana Smoothie - Fresh Banana, Vanilla Ice-cream and Honey 10


Orange,  Apple, Pineapple, Tomato, Cranberry 5

Virgin Mary 8


Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Lift, Fanta, Sprite, Tonic Water, Soda Water

Dry Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer 4

Ice Cream Spider - Vanilla Ice Cream and your choice of soft drink 7

Lemon Lime and Bitters 5

Red-bull Energy Drink - 250ml 5

Santa Vittoria Still Water - 500ml 4

Santa Vittoria Sparkling water - 500ml 5

Santa Vittoria Sparkling water - 1Lt 10