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BREAKFAST 8:30AM - 11:30AM



Scones with Chantilly cream, house made jam, fresh strawberries and butter (V) $14 House made banana bread with fresh strawberries and butter (V) $10
House made muesli with vanilla yoghurt, berry compote and fresh berries (V) $16 Belgian Waffles (V) with your choice of; -

Berry compote, vanilla ice cream and fresh berries $22
Chocolate hazelnut sauce, fresh banana, vanilla ice cream $22
Canadian maple syrup and streaky bacon and crackle dust $24
French toast with fresh strawberries, blueberries, banana, Chantilly cream and maple syrup (V/GFO) $24
Brekkie Roll (GFO); Fried eggs, American streaky bacon, cheddar and smokey BBQ Sauce $18
Brekkie Burrito (V); (no alternations) Scrambled eggs, haloumi, avocado salsa, smokey bbq sauce and baby English spinach $20
Hangover Roll (V/GFO); Fried eggs, American streaky bacon, cheddar, hash brown, haloumi, avocado,
roasted field mushroom, baby English spinach and smokey BBQ Sauce $26
Eggs Benedict (GFO) with your choice of;
-Herb roasted mushrooms $23
-Orange and dill cured salmon gravlax $23
-American streaky bacon $23
Breakfast power plate; Poached eggs, hummus, avocado, fresh spinach, roasted baby carrots, broccoli, baby beets, mixed seeds and pistachio dukkah (V/GFO); $28
Avocado Vego Delight (V/GFO); Grilled sour dough, smashed avocado, herb roasted field mushrooms, grilled haloumi, beetroot relish and baby English spinach $30
Roasted Salmon (GFO); Grilled sour dough with panko crusted poached egg, smashed avocado,
pancetta and crisp enoki mushrooms $32
Bean cassoulet with spiced chorizo and cannelloni with Binnorie fetta, poached eggs and grilled sour dough (GFO)
Moroccan style pulled pork on sourdough with poached eggs and chipotle hollandaise (GFO) $28
Big Breakfast (GFO); Grilled sour dough, poached eggs, American streaky bacon, chipolatas, herb roasted field mushrooms, hash brown, roasted tomatoes and “MP” smokey bbq sauce $28

Additions to your breakfast:

Grilled sour dough $4
Poached egg/eggs $2.5/$5
Herb roasted field mushrooms $4
Roasted tomatoes $3.5
Hash brown $3
Grilled haloumi $6
Orange and dill cured Salmon gravlax $7
American streaky bacon $6
Beef chipolatas $5
Hollandaise $2.5
“MP” Smokey bbq sauce $2
Smashed avocado salsa $4.5

Kids Brekky menu (12 and under only)
Belgian Waffles with their choice of: fresh strawberries, Canadian maple syrup and vanilla ice cream or Chocolate hazelnut sauce, fresh banana and ice-cream $12
Sour dough served with poached egg and your choice of: Bacon, mushroom or beef chipolatas $13

Please note we do NOT split bill but can happily provide an itemised account

Please note that a 15% surcharge applies on all public holidays