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The Deck Cafe Lovedale HIGHLY recommends bookings in advance, especially during holidays and weekends.

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BREAKFAST 8:30AM - 11:30AM

Scones with Chantilly cream, house made jam, fresh strawberries and butter (V)
House made banana bread with fresh strawberries and butter (V)
House made muesli with vanilla yoghurt, berry compote and fresh berries (V)
Belgian Waffles (V) with your choice of; -
Fresh berries, Canadian maple syrup, vanilla mascarpone, honeycomb crumb $22

Salted caramel, banana, honey whipped Ricotta, choc shards $22
Canadian maple syrup and streaky bacon and crackle dust $24
French toast with fresh strawberries, blueberries, banana, Chantilly cream and maple syrup (V/GFO)
Breaky Roll (GFO); Fried eggs, American streaky bacon, cheddar and smokey BBQ Sauce
Breaky Burrito (V); Scrambled eggs, haloumi, avocado salsa, smokey bbq sauce and baby English
Hangover Roll (V/GFO); Fried eggs, American streaky bacon, cheddar, hash brown, haloumi, avocado,
roasted field mushroom, baby English spinach and smokey BBQ sauce
Eggs Benedict (GFO)with your choice of;
Herb roasted mushrooms
Orange and dill cured salmon $23
American streaky bacon
Breakfast Power plate: Poached eggs, hummus, avocado, fresh spinach, roasted baby carrots, broccoli,
baby beets, mixed seeds and pistachio dukkah (V/GFO) $28
Avocado Vego Delight (V/GFO); Grilled sour dough, smashed avocado, herb roasted field mushrooms,
beetroot relish, baby English spinach, smoked buffalo mozzarella $30
Blue Swimmer crab, zucchini omelette, chives, bisque, caviar and grilled sour dough (GFO)
Bean Cassoulet with spiced chorizo, Binnorie feta, poached eggs and grilled sour dough (GFO)
Big Breakfast (GFO); Grilled sour dough, poached eggs, American streaky bacon, chipolatas,
herb roasted field mushrooms, hash brown, roasted tomatoes and “MP” smokey bbq sauce
Moroccan style pulled pork on sourdough with poached eggs and chipotle hollandaise (GFO)
Additions to your breakfast:
Grilled sour dough $4
Poached egg $2.50/$5
Scrambled $8
Herb roasted field mushrooms $4
Roasted Tomatoes $3.5
Hash brown $3
Grilled haloumi $6
Orange and dill cured Salmon gravlax $7
American streaky bacon $6
Beef chipolatas $5
Hollandaise $2.5
“MP” Smokey bbq sauce $2
Smashed avocado $4.5
Kids Breaky menu (12 and under only)
Belgian Waffles with their choice of: fresh strawberries, Canadian maple syrup and ice cream or

Chocolate hazelnut sauce, fresh banana and ice-cream
Sour dough served with poached egg and your choice of: Bacon, mushroom or beef chipolatas

Please note we do NOT split bill but can happily provide an itemised account

Please note;

10% surcharge applies on Sundays

 20% surcharge applies on all Public Holidays